221FLY is an original rock band from Southern Oregon, USA. The band’s music is an eclectic and original mix that harkens some familiar sounds, yet pushes sonic boundaries teetering delicately between the worlds of their many influences;  Rock, blues, funk, progressive rock, pop and Southern rock.


The band hopes their songs will conjure emotions and create a musical sound track for people’s daily lives or special occasions.  221Fly’s broad range of musical influences and style has opened the door for them to share the stage with performers such as Quarter Flash, Firefall, Y&T and Eddie Money.



The band’s sophomore release from July 2014, “Seems to Me”, has been heralded as their “Best material yet”, receiving sales and critical acclaim the band did not expect. The band members were also very happy to learn of a CD sale in China. Roger Bradshaw (guitarist and vocalist for the band) stated emphatically-“If someone in China bought the CD, so should you!”… Better yet, see them play live and you can buy a CD in person. 


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